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In history of the motion picture: Introduction of sound. These developments and formed the Vitaphone Corporation to market the complete system. Featuring a roster of some of the finest vaudevillians, comedians, bandleaders, and music performers - - appearances by Jay C. Vitaphone was a sound film system used for feature films and nearly 1, 000 short subjects made by Warner Bros. A sophisticated sound- on- disc system called Vitaphone, which their representatives attempted to market to Hollywood in 1925. Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the early sound- on- disc films.
Flippen, Henry B. Walthall, Montagu Love, Florence Brady, and many more. In motion- picture technology: Introduction of sound.
Ron Hutchinson' s Vitaphone Project has 2, 988 members. And its sister studio First National from 1926 to 1931. The Vitaphone Project was formed to accomplish this goal as well as to partner with the studios ( particularly Turner/ WB), film archives ( UCLA, LOC, BFI), and private collectors worldwide in order to get these films restored and seen again. Vitaphone was the last major analog sound- on- disc system and the only one which was widely used and commercially. A Kickstarter campaign pre- sold hundred of copies this spring, and expect the book to be available this fall. Vitaphone Varieties is an endlessly entertaining blast from the past. Details of the film' s planning, false starts, production, re- release in 1933 and the complicated but very successful restoration of this $ 2 million production are covered, with countless never before published photos. There is no connection - legal, creative, financial, corporate or otherwise - between the author of these pages or the name of this Blog, " Vitaphone Varieties" with any organization ( past or present), The Vitaphone Corporation, Warner Brothers Pictures, Warner Brothers Studios, First National Studios, or The Vitaphone Project ( a non- profit. Vitaphone toc. VITAPHONE BOOKSHELF. Vitaphone was the last major analog sound- on- disc system and the only one which was widely used and commercially successful.